• Welcome to the Misinformation Village

    (Co-Hosted by MisinfoCon)

    August 11-14, 2022 Las Vegas, USA

  • Program Preview

    The Misinformation Village aims to present a comprehensive overview of misinformation tactics, current campaigns, potential methods for defence and inoculation, and discussions of current and future campaigns. We seek to define, identify, understand, address, and combat misinformation, as well as strengthen online content credibility and information quality.


    The deadline for submitting proposals is July 3rd, 2022, 23:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time. Notification for speakers will start on July 11th via email.


    Some accepted proposals will qualify for a DefCon 30 human badge.


    We are looking for proposals on the following topics:


    - History of how misinformation has evolved through the years


    - Identifying and measuring the spread of mis- and disinformation


    -Current research on social media companies and how they are handling misinformation.


    - What normal people on social media are doing to combat misinformation and the repercussions of that activism on their personal lives.


    - How misinformation is being used in warfare.


    -How to deprogram or approach family members who are too far down the rabbit hole


    - The Ecosystem of misinformation and offending actors


    - Algorithmic accountability and the science of knowledge integrity


    - New multi-modal frameworks for platform and content safety


    - Misinformation and upholding free expression and online democratic debate


    - Elections verification and strengthening elections information ecosystems and processes


    - Unbiased news and new media business models


  • About MisinfoCon

    MisinfoCon is the global summit on Misinformation organized by Hacks Hackers (a 501(c)(3) aims to address the challenge of reducing misinformation online and strengthening content credibility through interdisciplinary collaboration. The event continued building upon the highly popular MisinfoCon events that took place at MIT, and in London, Kyiv, Washington, DC, and Online on MozFest Plaza 2022.


    Our team curates programs that combine new research, new business models and cool projects in the form of lightning talk presentations, workshops, and deliberative and discussion sessions

    What are we looking for?

    Building upon the successes of our previous MisinfoCon events in Boston (2017) London (2017, 2018, 2019), Kyiv (2018), DC (2018, 2020), and Perugia 2022, we are looking for talk proposals that focus on the tangible impacts that individuals and organizations can make in the areas of media literacy, addressing misinformation, and communicating credible content to a variety of audiences through different channels.


    MisinfoCon prioritizes diversity and representation, and encourages participants with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to join us. Together, we address interdisciplinary and intersectional issues across the credibility movement.


    If you’re interested in hearing more about our upcoming program at DefCon, send us a message in the contact form.



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    MisinfoCon @ MozFest Plaza 2022

    MisinfoCon @ MozFest Plaza will take place from Mar 7-11 and will feature a doze of sessions on elections preparation, new platform research opportunities, the ad ecosystem, and intersectional misinformation research.

    MisinfoCon @ International Journalism Festival 2022

    MisinfoCon @ IJF 2022 on April 7th, 2022 is a unique opportunity for journalists, members of the media, and adjacent industry to gather around for a day-long event with sessions with invited speakers from institutions such as Harvard Kennedy School, Graphika, Ranking Digital Rights, Meedan, MLK50, Outlier Media and other orgnanizations.

    Truth and Trust Online 2022

    TTO is an annual forum for academia, industry, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders to discuss the problems facing (social) media platforms and technical solutions to understand and address them.


    The Conference for Truth and Trust Online 2022 will be held both online and in Boston on Oct 13t-14th, 2022

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